Get Real, Get Fit, Get Well with Jordan

Get Real, Get Fit, Get Well with Jordan

The JumpStart Your Health Program is based upon the the very same time honored health principals that Jordan used to overcome his own major health crisis, plus the experience as coaching thousands on their journey to optimal health.

Jump Start Your Health Plan

The Jump Start Program is a 14-day plan for busy moms, dads, and anyone looking to lose weight, boost energy and kick cravings.

It's time to “Get Real" about your health—time to focus on you—because a healthy family starts with a healthy you. The Get Real 14-day experience was specifically designed by Family Wellness Coach Angelle Batten for people who “don't have time" to cleanse—specifically busy moms and dads, as well as on-the-go professionals and everyone who wants a hassle-free way to jump start their weight loss, kick their cravings and boost their energy. The Jump Start program combines healthy foods and beverages, shipped from our farm to your home, and a simple, guided 14-day plan complete with daily menus and quick recipes.

How do I get started

1 Download the Jump Start eBook right now! Click here to download it.

2 Join the Jump Start Facebook Community by clicking on this link: Jump Start Facebook

3 Order the Jump Start Products from the link below. They will be shipped from Jordan's ranch right to your door. (You will be charged $21-27 shipping because Jorden is shipping them in the correct packaging for the products, from his ranch.) You will receive:

  • Suero Cleanse Bronze (eighteen 16-oz. bottles)
  • Plain Amasai (six 16-oz.bottles)
  • Terrain Sacred Herbs (one 15-oz. bottle)
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