Garden of Life Immune Balance

Immune Balance

supports the immune system with a balanced, multifaceted approach by maintaining optimal digestive functions and feeding your body the vitamins and minerals it needs for immune wellness.

To thrive in our modern world, proper immune system function is critical. This system, located mostly in our blood and digestive tract, is designed to identify and eliminate invaders. It does this by producing protective cells and compounds such as antibodies, T-cells, B-cells. macrophages, and Natural Killer cells.

Garden of Life Immune Balance formulas combine ancient wisdom with modem science to provide multidimensional support for your immune system. Each unique formula contains a wide variety of ingredients that work with the body's multiple immune system functions to support a balanced immune response.

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Immune Balance Sinus is a dynamic, broad-spectrum immunity formula that provides multidimensional support for seasonal sinus and respiratory health and wellness. Immune Balance Sinus works naturally to support a balanced immune system response for seasonal protection of sinus and respiratory health.
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