Dr Colbert Divine Health Living CoQ10

Dr Colbert Divine Health Living CoQ10

Dr Colberts Divine Health Living CoQ10

Dr Colbert's Divine Health Living CoQ10
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Dr colbert's Divine Health Living CoQ10 is the NEXT Breakthrough in CoQ10 therapy! – UBQH, the active, reduced, and stable form of ubiquinol CoQ10

Divine Health Living CoQ10

100% bio-identical and proven absorption into cells, including heart & brain cells

The nutritional supplement CoQ10 is commonly prescribed for support of the cardiovascular, neurological, and immune systems, as well as anti-aging care. However, in order to benefit the body, CoQ10 must be converted to its bioactive and reduced form Ubiquinol (QH).

After more than ten years of research, scientists have developed the first true ubiquinol (QH) product in the world in which the bioactive form of COQ10 retains its structure and unique properties. This exclusive and patented stable and reduced form of CoQ10 can provide the direct supplementation that mere CoQ10 cannot.

Patients requiring high doses of CoQ10 as well as patients who have problems with CoQ10 conversion will benefit greatly from UBQH. Approximately 30% of individuals cannot convert CoQ10 to its active form and this percentage increases in older individuals.

Supports Immune Health

COQ10 is necessary for immune health. Increased free radical activity causes damage to cell membranes, mitochondria, and DNA. Supplementation with COQ10 provides enhanced antioxidant activity that is supportive of the immune system.

Supports Heart Health

Heart cells require large amounts of uninterrupted energy. They have a greater number of mitochondria and subsequently need more COQ10 than any other type of cell. Because of this association, COQ10s support of heart health is well researched and documented. CoQ10 supports healthy heart contractility and subsequent circulation, blood pressure, and exercise endurance. Due to COQ10s ability to pass through the cell membrane and enter the mitochondria, enhanced levels in the heart can be attained.

Supports the Neurological System (brain)

CoQ10 has been studied for its effect in support of neurological (brain) health. When CoQ10 crosses the blood-brain barrier, mitochondrial concentrations are increased and clinical results indicate that significant neuro-supportive effects follow. Clinical studies have examined the role of Divine Health CoQ10 in the neurological system.

If pregnant, nursing, taking any prescription drugs, or are allergic to any of the ingredients, please consult your healthcare practitioner prior to use.

Supplement Facts

60 capsules

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