Youngevity Ultimate Vitamin D3 60 capsules

Give your body a high dose of one of the most essential vitamins it needs for optimal function!
Youngevity Ultimate Vitamin D3  60 capsules
Ultimate Vitamin D3 60 capsules
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Ultimate Vitamin D3 contains a high dose of essential Vitamin D3 to support a wide range of functions in the body. Unfortunately, many individuals suffer from Vitamin D deficiencies which can lead to many health problems. Vitamin D helps with the absorption of calcium to promote healthy bones and joints, plus is known for the support it provides to the immune and cardiovascular system. Ultimate Vitamin D3 also contains Vitamin K that helps with the transportation and absorption of calcium.

Vitamin D3, Vitamin K, Calcium, Vegetable Capsule cellulose and water , Lecithin from sunflower and Medium Chain Triglycerides from coconut of palm oil .

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