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Clenzology Hand and Body Soap is Discontinued. We have found HealthWise antibacterial soap thoroughly cleans under and around the fingernails (where normal hand washing fails to reach).

Clenzology Hand and Body Soap is discontinued. However, we have found a replacement product!

HealthWise Anti-bacterial Soft Soap

Did you know that 95% of all germs on your hands are under and around your fingertip areas? The constant autoinoculation from hands to face is the reason daily use of our soap is so important; especially for those prone to sinus and allergy problems. The hands carry germs, bacteria, pollen,and pollutants that aggravate our eyes and nasal passageways. Healthwise Soap has been uniquely created to wash away the germ laden areas of the fingertips and replace the natural skin lipids. Our soap is an antibacterial made with pure vegetable base, water, vitamin E, and hand poured into an8 oz. container. It is fragrance free, hypo-allergenic, free of animal fats and has a high ph-ratio. Healthwise soap is designed for all family members, especially for school age children. To use our soap on hands, simply pierce fingertips into container, add water and lather. For your body, use our skin-buff sponge to apply soap in shower or bath.


cleanse the hands, face and any other affected areas, with the Healthwise Luxury Hand & Body soap. Be sure to pierce the soap with your fingernails to clean this germ laden area.


Sponified olive and coconut oil, glycerin, water, vitamin E , triclosan (warning: Contains small amounts of triclosan. Some people may have concerns about over exposure to triclosan)


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