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Protocols in Patient Heal Thyself by Jordan Rubin

In an effort to help the many people who have asked me to find the protocols in Jordan Rubin's book Patient Heal Thyself that address their individual health problems, I have compiled this section to help them find the information they are looking for. The alphabetical list of illnesses are in the left column, and the page that the correct protocol can be found in Jordan Rubin's book "Patient Heal Thyself" are on the right.

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Acid Reflux Page 222-224
Acne Page 245-249
ADD Page 195-198
Addiction Page 237-241
ADHD Page 195-198
Agoraphobia Page 237-241
Allergies, Food Page 214-216
Alzheimer's Disease Page 179-182
Angina Page 190-195
Ankylosing Spondylitis Page 229-232
Anxiety Page 237-241
Arteriosclerosis Page 190-195
Arthritis Page 226-228
Asthma Page 226-228
Asthma Page 258-261
Atherosclerosis Page 190-195
Atopic Dermatitis Page 245-249
Attention Deficit Disorder Page 195-198
Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity disorder Page 195-198
Autism Page 195-198
Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy Page 232-236
Bladder Cancer Page 182-185
Blood Pressure (Elevated) Page 190-195
Brain Cancer Page 182-185
Breast Cancer Page 182-185
Cancer Page 182-185
Candida Albicans Page 185-190
Candidiasis Page 185-190
Celiac Disease Page 198-201
Chemical sensitivities Page 214-216
Cholesterol (Elevated) Page 190-195
Cold and Flu Page 204-206
Colds Page 264-268
Colon cleansing Page 206-208
Colorectal Cancer Page 182-185
Constipation, Chronic Page 217-219
Crohn's Disease Page 198-201
Chronic Fatigue Page 201-204
Dementia Page 179-182
Depression Page 237-241
Dermatitis, Eczema Page 245-249
Detoxification Page 208-210
Diabetes Type I Page 173-175
Diabetes Type II Page 176-179
Diarrhea, Chronic Page 217-219
Diverticulitis Page 198-201
Dyspepsia Page 217-219
Eczema Page 245-249
Endometrial Cancer Page 182-185
Endometriosis Page 211-214
Epstein Barr Virus Page 264-268
Fatigue, Chronic Page 201-204
Fibrocystic Breast Disease Page 211-214
Fibromyalgia Page 201-204
Flu Page 264-268
Flu and Cold Page 204-206
Food Allergies Page 214-216
Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease Page 222-224
Gout Page 229-232
Grave's Disease Page 173-175
Health Maintenance Page 220-222
Hepatitis Page 264-268
Herpes Simplex Page 264-268
Homocysteine Levels (Elevated) Page 190-195
Hypoglycemia Page 176-179
Immune Health Page 224-226
Inflammatory Conditions Page 226-228
Insomnia Page 249-253
Irritable Bowel Syndrome Page 217-219
Joint Disorders Page 229-232
Lactose Intolerance Page 217-219
Leaky Gut Syndrome Page 217-219
Leukemia Page 182-185
Lung Cancer Page 182-185
Lupus Page 173-175
Lymphoma Page 182-185
Male Health Page 232-236
Melanoma Page 182-185
Memory Loss Page 179-182
Menopause Page 211-214
Multiple Sclerosis Page 173-175
Myasthenia Gravis Page 173-175
Mycoplasma Infections Page 242-245
Obesity Page 268-272
Osteoarthritis Page 229-232
Osteoporosis Page 211-214
Ovarian Cancer Page 182-185
Ovarian Cysts Page 211-214
Parkinson's Page 179-182
Pervasive Developmental Disorders Page 195-198
Postpartum Depression Page 237-241
Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) Page 211-214
Prostate Cancer Page 182-185
Prostatic Hypertrophy, Benign Page 232-236
Prostatitis Page 232-236
Psoriasis Page 245-249
Rheumatoid Arthritis Page 229-232
Rheumatoid Arthritis Page 173-175
Schizophrenia Page 237-241
Scleroderma Page 173-175
Season Allergies Page 258-261
Shingles Page 264-268
Sinusitis Page 258-261
Sleep Disorders Page 249-253
Stress Page 253-257
Syndrome X Page 176-179
Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Page 173-175
Triglycerides (Elevated) Page 190-195
Ulcerative Colitis Page 198-201
Ulcers Page 198-201
Urinary Tract Infections Page 262-264
Uterine fibroids Page 211-214
Violent, Impulsive Behavior Page 237-241
Viral Disease Page 204-206
Viral Diseases Page 264-268
Weight Management Page 268-272


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