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Transform your Temple is Jordan's new product line. You will be shipped 1 bottle of the Foundation and 1 bottle of the monthly focus supplement every month. Each month you will be charged the full monthly amount of $99.90 and earn your 92 QV and 88 BV. This item will appear as a separate autoship on your account.

The Vision

In 2007, Beyond Organic Founder Jordan Rubin had a dream to create a program that would transform the entire body from the inside out. He knew that by supplying the body with the essential nutrients and critical phytonutrients that it craved, the body and its amazing self-repairing mechanisms would kick into action. After more than seven years of laboratory research and field testing, Jordan has uncovered what he believes to be the missing link in human nutrition.

Your Body is a Temple

In early naturopathic medicine, physicians believed the human body was comprised of 12 systems that work together as a unit to keep the body functioning properly. Each body system consists of specific cells, tissues and organs that collectively perform essential functions. If any one of these systems is operating at sub optimal levels, the body will become unstable. The imbalance in one body system can put stress on the entire body. The goal of the Transform Your Temple™ program is to provide key building blocks to help re-build your temple from the inside out in just one year's time.

How it Works

Transform Your Temple™ is only being offered as a 12-month autoship program. Each month, you will receive two powerful products: one bottle of Foundation, and one bottle of a system-specific formula designed to gently cleanse and re-balance each of the body's 12 systems one month at a time.

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The Foundation Formula

Transform Your Temple™ Foundation is a unique and dynamic nutritional botanical formula delivering a powerful combination of organic synergized phytonutrients and plant derived minerals to support the foundational systems of the body.

For maximum results, Transform Your Temple™ Foundation is paired with each of the 12 body system formulas every month to create the cornerstone for transforming your body from the inside out.


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