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Beyond Organic by Jordan Rubin

Beyond Organic is Jordan Rubin's new company that is selling the organic foods he has written about in his many books. He is concerned that these products reach people in the freshest condition possible. So, rather than depending on health food stores to stock them in a way that preserves their natural goodness, he ships directly to the end consumer for the maximum freshness. In addition, Beyond Organic has merged with the Youngevity company to bring you even more great choices in healthy foods and supplements.

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When Jordan Rubin decided to create a company where people could go to by the hard-to-find foods that he talked about in his books, he realized that the best way to reach the largest number of people with his products, and to get his products to the consumer in as fresh a conidition as possible, was to make his new company a multi level marketing company so he could ship the products directly to the end user. Now, he has merged Beyond Organic with the Youngevity company to offer even more products!